This is a list of all species that are officially considered people.

Humans and Human-related species Edit

Human(s) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Earth Earth, Nalisatna, Salann English, etc.

Humans originate from the planet Earth and are related to many more species which have been created via genetic manipulation, magic or both. Humans have been scattered across all universes with the Arcships built by the European government (as well as an international medical research group).

Tamali Edit

Native to Appear Language
Nalisatna Nalisatna (American) English

Tamali are human beings but with features of an animal. The species of animal they inherit traits from is entirely random, the parent's species have no influence on it. They can only be animals that exist or have existed within the universe they were born in.

Lemadore(n) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Nalisatna Nalisatna (American) English

Lemadoren are an offshoot of Tamali that developed a more uniform appearance with violet skin, snouts, bi powerful forearms. They have exceptionally good vision and have antenna that lets them see in heat vision too. They are usually very antisocial and fend for themselves in the wilderness, individuals may try and join society though.

Objectomorph(s) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Salann Salann (American) English

Objectomorph are also related to humans but highly magically modified. They don't give birth and instead are reincarnated as a new person after death. They start out as Objectomorph Seeds and take on a human form after touching an object. An object being anything that isn't and could never be alive. Their human form adopts form, function or sometimes just some markings from their object.

Ink Edit

Native to Appear Language
Salann Salann (American) English

The Ink don't look like it but they are actually made out of a thick sludge. They are colorless beings, only appearing as black and white. They are born by two or more Ink removing part of their mass to combine into a new body. Births are usually preceded by month-long feasts.

Non-human species Edit

Shanttari Edit

Native to Appear Language
Shanttae Shanttae, Nalisatna, Salann,

Siqri, Prascad, Leviathan


Shanttari live on the planet Shanttae, even after it exploded. When reaching maturity, those that can bear offsprings will produce around 1-3 eggs. This happens automatically and asexually, so there's no actual choice to having children. This leads to an overpopulation, but fortunately, their universe regularly bumps into other universes and open rifts between them for some time, and many Shanttari leave their homeworld and try their luck in other universes, even if it's almost impossible to ever return.

Fleshless Edit

Native to Appear Language
Nalisatna Nalisatna Ishettan

Fleshless are related to the Sjetta and Attejs and were created in a magic experiment to grant immortality. There is a static number of them, as they really are immortal and cannot die but also can't create any more of themselves. They don't have their own body and only exist as a soul that can enter other bodies and is capable of greatly manipulating them. They can even shapeshift other people's bodies but only into features they learned about from other bodies they had possessed. Once they had their fill with living, they are able to delete all of their memories and start over.

Sjetta Edit

Native to Appear Language
Nalisatna Nalisatna Ishettan

Sjetta are beings made out of shadow, or rather, the matter that hides outside the light. They cannot be killed but will expire eventually and reform as a new being. They are about the size of an adult human's arm and are able to float.

Attejs Edit

Native to Appear Language
Nalisatna Nalisatna Ishettan

Creatures made out of tangible light. They appear as humanoid child-like beings, to look sympathetic, harmless and innocent to possible foes. They don't have eyes inside their skull and instead see with their antenna.

Elaja Edit

Native to Appear Language
Chaelaj Nalisatna Elajae

Elaja were the second sentient species to live on Chaelaj, emerging many millenia after the fall of the Chasal. The Chasal had a overtly sadistic culture which ultimately caused their extinction as their lust for blood surpassed their desire for survival. They left almost no mark on the planet except for a machine that kept running until the Elajan days. No one knew what it did, but the Chasal left clear instructions that it should never be turned off. Keeping this machine running became an integral part in Elajan culture but almost caused their own extinction too. Only a few managed to flee to Nalisatna and rebuild their species there.

Anumbris Edit

Native to Appear Language
Salann Salann Za

The Anumbris appear humanoid but are more plant-like in how they function. They live off of sunlight and water. They can eat berries and fruits but only do so when they have to go for long periods without sunlight. They used to live in the Salannian Desert but were driven out by invading humans.

Children of Zaia Edit

Childen of Zaia are Anumbris that live on an unknown continent in the west. Unlike regular Anumbris, they form a symbiosis with a type of plant which grows inside them. They sprout vine-like appendages from their bodies too or grow bark over their limbs.

Ziyn Edit

Native to Appear Language
Salann Salann Shtnwrte

The Ziyn live in the depths of the Emeraldean forests, there, where almost no light penetrates. They are usually very colorful and have two skin colors and two hair colors. They have very light sensitive eyes. For a long time they have been kept as slaves by the Ink and only escaped in the mid 200s by altering their genetics to boost their magic abilities, however in the process they deleted their genetic blueprint for hands and haven't been able to restore it since. Fortunately, the magic lets them levitate things.

Massacabre(s) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Siqri Siqri Siqrian

Massacabres don't get much taller than one meter, they have violet fur and long bunny-like ears. They also constantly salivate a violet liquid. In their culture, from the age of five, every person is to take the life of another on their birthday every year in a misguided effort to 'only let the strong survive'.

Wykkyd(s) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Siqri Siqri Siqrian

Wykkyds are strange beings that evolutionary speaking only recently began living on land. They grow tentacles from their head with very different shapes, colors and numbers from person to person. Their arms don't have any bones except for a particularly heavy one in their palm. Their arms can be stretched to about twenty times their original length and they can change their skin color.

Cruxin(e) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Siqri Siqri Siqrian

Cruxine are blue-skinned humanoids with an exceptionally good sense of smell. They can not only use their noses to smell but also prehensile appendages on their head called Scentacles.

Daydarian(s) Edit

Native to Appear Language
Siqri Siqri Siqrian

Daydarians used to live in the ocean, but as the water receeded over time, some of them were caught in land. Some remained in the ocean in their original form while those on land eventually adapted to live outside the water, while others receded to underground lakes.

Lodara Edit

Native to Appear Language
Siqri Siqri Siqrian

Lodara live close to the shore, which by day are hidden within a fog so thick especially light animals are able to swim in it. The Lodara feed on these creatures by luring them into their mouth with a glowing light in their throat.

Magentan Edit

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Aephyr(n) Edit

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Secondary species Edit

Patrimoni Edit

Nalisatnian guardians of the elements or those turnt Patrimoni by them.

Vampire(s) Edit

Beings that drink other people's blood to keep their eternal youth. They have big or long ears with very good hearing, blackened scleras and elongated portruding canines with which they suck blood.

Akaname / New-English Edit

Beings with abnormally long prehensile tongues that are kept in their stomachs. They can also grow very sharp claws and have just as sharp teeth.

Banshee(s) Edit

Those that died but did not enter the Afterlife and instead remained as a non-tangible soul. They usually have magic abilities with which they can still interact with the world.

Luctinian(s) Edit

A rare mutation that allows people to turn into big monstrous animals at will. Every Luctinian can only turn one other person though.

Abscheußlichkeit(en) Edit

People that were exposed to the influence of the Tumor God for too long and have been reshapen into often wild and violent abominations.

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