The stories within the Azciribek universe span over multiple dimensions. The different worlds contain fantasy and sci-fi elements like magic or highly advanced technology, Vampires and Cyborgs, etc.

Main stories Edit

Laboljehreshi Edit

The story of Laboljehreshi revolves around a group of five people that are part of Laboljehreshi, an organization that installs super-powered individuals in settlements so they can protect the citizens from harm. This group includes Lucy Felomane, Lasha Felomi, Amnulum Spheloxchia, Blake Rudolphs and Cass Lambert and is set in the young New Years City, a multi-species settlement that formed after the Day the Sky Opened, five years prior.

Madredun Elo're Edit

This story follows a young thief, Rachel Selenas, and the friends she gathers during the story. It is mainly set in the aftermath of Laboljehreshi, the plot is to resolve the complications that came with it and threaten to collapse the entire universe.

Colourful Angel Edit

Colourful Angel follows the plan of a strange entity named Colour, which seeks to save all life from being extinguished by the so called blackbone plague, an airborne parasite that can kill an entire planet within an hour and turn the corpses into zombie-like creatures to hunt down those that survived.

Falcifer Edit

After the events of Colourful Angel, this story follows Oubastet Abaza's attempt to free her homeworld from slavery, tyranny, death, hunger and many other threats by uniting the people and create a new altruistic world.

UltraPhobia Edit

UltraPhobia is the story of the true origins of the Azciribek and it's actual purpose.

Side stories Edit

Paper Children Edit

The story of a settlement withing a meteorite crater, inhabited by orphaned children and their struggles to survive in a cruel world.

Valhalla Edit

Valhalla details the beginning of the zombie apocalypse on Earth that started in mid-2141. It follows a group of survivors that met in northern Germany who decided to travel south to the remains of Cologne.

Hel Edit

Hel, just like Valhalla, begins on Earth in the year 2141 and follows two sisters' survival over the next eight years.

Silent Song Inside the Asylum Edit

SSItA is the story of a small group of friends that discover a trans-dimensional spaceship which brings them into an artificial universe that they start to design to their desire. Soon they learn about the intended purpose of this universe and that the original creators will soon come back to clean up.

Abnormal Edit

After humanity learned of the existence of other sentient species, a reformation of the schools was in order. This new multi-species school brings together many different people with their own quirks and needs. The usual school chaos in an unusual way.

Ghost Town Edit

Brightillhaven is an independent community that formed within the ruins of a former human seaside city. The city is divided into territories of various gangs, with each their own specialties, but they all work together in making life good for all of them. However, a new gang established itself on the eastern side, one obsessed with brutality and violence.

Artificial Edit

In the year 380, peoplekind is once again able to explore space. After life has been detected on a distant planet, a small team sets out to make contact with it.

In-universe fiction Edit

Forget Me Not Edit

The story of the mysterious Forget-Me-Not-Killer and the young detective Catherine Melias that gets caught up in a crime-spree way beyond any previous case.

Hole Heartedly Edit

A bizarre story of a girl in an abstract world, trying to find her little sister and meeting strange beings along the way.

The Fairy Vale Tales Edit

A series of books, created by Grimaera vocalist Linnie Malin, about a universe containing her own version of fairy tales but also original creatures based on the various causes of death.

Candied Heart Edit

A cutesy TV series about the joyous nurse Page and her friends. However, the first season got lost, only leaving the second season, whoch shows the gruesome torment of creatures vaguely resembling the main cast of the first season within a nightmarish hellscape.

Lollipop Lillian & Candy Cane Caspar Edit

A children's book series by the writer Benjamin Morgan about many candy-based characters in an idealized kingdom and their adventures.

Finnegan's Alphabet Edit


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